Quantity Break Pricing for Product Requests

You can save money when requesting large quantities of product builds at once. Batching product requests is great when you need many new products at one time, or when new requests can be saved up until a larger quantity can be placed all at once. These are like regular product builds, except at a discounted rate.

How to apply for the discount:

1. Gather a list of products you need from your sales team and/or customers

2. Host that list internally until you have reached the desired QTY Break that fits your budget

3. Email your request with an attached spreadsheet, or attach the list through a support ticket

4. Our Team will schedule and build ALL requests at once, then apply the discounted rate to your invoice

Note: The QTY Break pricing discount applies to full product blocks, not SKUs. For example, if you request one product block containing 16 SKUs, the QTY Break does not apply.