How to Customize Product Descriptions


The descriptions in our database include all needed information about a product and match manufacturer recommendations. This is great for most circumstances, but sometimes you may want special content for a product block. Or, you may want the product description to be unique to anything else out there. Because customization is so important, we’ve made doing this a simple procedure.

1. First login to your admin panel, then click Catalog Management, then Organize A Catalog


2. Once you are on this page, choose a catalog from the drop down to expose your list of categories and sub-categories


3. Click the Products tab to the right of the category where the product you need to update is located

NOTE: You may need to expand a category to make the Products tab visible to the right

4. Find the product you need to customize, then click on the Customize tab under the Legend/Desc column

5. The original description is on the right, and the Description box on the left is where you can add your customized description

• Leaving the box blank keeps the default/original description

• You can add/change anything needed that you believe will help your customers make an informed buying decision

• HTML coding works on this page, so you can add visual options (sample image below shows html coding and how it can increase the visual appeal of a product)

• Here is a sample of added customized text:

• Here is a before-and-after view of the above product, first without customized text and then WITH customized text: