Adding Skus to an Existing Product

Sometimes you may want to add a product that fits well with an existing product in N2. When a product block is in the database and you want us to add a Sku that goes with it, we add those at no charge. For example, if we have a specific hard hat in white and green, but you would like to have it in orange.

How to make a Sku addition request

You can request these just like a new product request

If you make the request through N2, be sure to check the Existing Product check box to let us know it belongs with an existing product block

If you make the request through a Spinstak Support ticket, just include a note that the addition can be added to an existing product block

With either request, please include the existing product's name as it appears in the database—this will make it easier for us to find the proper product for the Sku to be added to

To Keep in Mind

Sometimes, a product is requested to be placed in an existing product block, but it fits much better as a new build. This could be an issue if adding a Sku negatively effects the Skus already in a product block—meaning it makes a product description change necessary and the new product description would become less specific.

The final decision is up to our product specialists’ discretion, but this is rarely an issue. In this situation, the product would be billed as a new build, so there would be a charge.

Common Issue

Sometimes a Sku won’t show up when you search for it, even though it is in the database. There are two reasons this might occur:

1) Sku is already in the category you are searching in

2) Sku is hidden in a product that is in the category you are searching in

If you know what product a Sku might be in, here’s how to check:

Find the product you want to add a Sku(s) to in your catalog

Click the Skus button to the right of the product

Click on the Show Hidden Skus tab to see which Skus have been hidden at an earlier time

Search for the Sku you would like to add

If you find it, uncheck the Hide Sku check box to add it to your catalog