Adding a Freight Matrix

Adding a Freight Matrix-header-2

1. Login to your Admin Panel, click Store Settings, then Shipping Methods


2. At this screen, find the Method in question (for example, UPS Ground), and then click View Rates under the Price column to add your custom Freight Matrix

Note: If you are adding a Freight Matrix to a Method for the first time, you need to click Edit next to the Method in question before this works


3. In the View Rates (under the Price column) screen, you can populate your first rate at the top in the Price From field, then click Add

Note: We recommend populating all your Price From rates first, then come back and populate the Rate or Percentage of Order fields later


4. Once you have all your Price From fields created, now you can populate your Rate fields or Percentage of Order fields and click update

In many cases, distributors will use the Rate field and then apply a Percentage of Order to the final qty: Ex. $1000 - infinity = 1% of order

In other cases, some distributors offer Free Shipping over a certain amount like $600 = Free Shipping


5. You can edit or delete a row at any time, just click Save to update


6. This matrix applies to the Shipping Method you are in, so if you need an additional Matrix created, repeat this step for other Shipping Methods